Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crossover Comparisons

Second post ever, and actually its a summary of other interesting posts.  A blog of blogs!

A review of Codeweaver's Crossover product (for Mac/Linux) vs Wine

For those who dont know Wine is the base open source project that enables most Windows applications to run on unix-like systems such as Linux and since moving to Intel processors, the Mac OS.  Crossover is the commercially packaged, slightly enhanced version of Wine. You can pay for Crossover, get support and updates etc and perhaps a little more functionality with it too.

A simple comparison of Crossover vs Transgaming's Cedega product

Cedega is a competitor to Crossover (probably the only real commercial competitor) which also is an extension of the Wine project. Check out links to all of these companies on the right of my blog page here.


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